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David T. Fagan

David T. Fagan

The “Icon Builder”, Former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, Founder/CEO of Icon Builder Media

David T. Fagan is the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, which sold over 23 million books in 62 languages all over the world, as well as the former owner of LCO Communications, a Beverly Hills PR firm that has represented 58 Academy Award Winners, 34 Grammy Winners, and 43 New York Times Best Sellers.

He has been featured on Fox & Friends, the Today Show, The Washington Post, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Fox’s The Five, and What’s Happening Now to name a few. He’s won major awards for publishing, publicity, and even the Entrepreneur Educator of the Year Award from Inc 500 Infusionsoft.

David is a best selling author for several books including Word Genius: What to Say and How to Say It, Guerrilla Parenting: How to Raise an Entrepreneur, Cracking the Icon Code: How to Become an Icon in Your Industry Through Your Advice, Image and Expertise, and From Invisible to Invincible: How to Make Your Presence Felt. He’s an International Speaker in places as far away as Dubai, Bangladesh, Kenya, and Australia. He has shared the stage with everyone from Former Secretary of Defense Dr. Bob Gates to Mark Victor Hansen.

David can help you become a best selling, world-changing, money-making icon in your industry through publishing, publicity and presentations.

Allison Larsen

Allison H. Larsen

Founder of Keynote Speaker Coalition, International Speaker, Intuition Expert

Allison H. Larsen is an international speaker, mentor, TV host of the cable show Spotlight, author of the book Soul Intuition and Co-Founder of Family Foot Reflexology. She has experience as a certified fitness coach, Yoga instructor, and alternative health instructor.

As one of the world’s leading Intuition Experts, Allison inspires and transforms the lives of audiences and clients all over the world. Allison’s speaking abilities and coaching style is what makes her so powerful and valuable. She easily connects with audiences, and isn’t afraid to go deep with people and draw upon on life experiences and business expertise to drive the message home.

Allison attributes much of her success to what she calls “soul intuition”, which she uses to understand how to proceed forward on the path specifically for her. She helps those she teaches how to obtain the health, wealth and fulfillment by looking within to discover their divine blueprint for success.

Allison is happily married and the mother of four beautiful children. She understands the importance of family and balancing personal and professional aspects of life. When she isn’t flying around the world to speaking engagements, or coaching clients, she is spending her time with her family, going to kids’ sports games and other events.

Allison Larsen

Suzanne Evans

Founder of Driven Inc

Suzanne Evans has become the “Tell it like it is”, no fluff boss of business building. As owner and founder of Suzanne Evans Coaching, LLC she went from secretary to surpassing the seven-figure mark in just over three years. Today, she supports, coaches, and teaches over 30,000 women enrolled in her wealth and business building programs.

"Turning my “mess into my message” helped me quickly build a multi-six-figure business. Then something funny happened: Other entrepreneurs wanted to know how I did it. And they wanted to pay me to have me teach them. It’s why in 2008 I started Help More People, a company designed to help people make millions while making a difference.

The goal was simple: to help women entrepreneurs get rid of their shame around money, marketing and sales, so that they can build businesses that leave a legacy while making a fortune.

Roger Salam

Roger Salam

Chairman and Founder of The Winner’s Circle

W. Roger Salam is an award winning inspirational speaker, best-selling author of several books & courses on Personal Development, Sales & Marketing and Real Estate Investing. He’s been listed in America’s Premiere Experts and the recipient of “Thought Leader of The Year” award by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors.

Roger is the chairman and founder of The Winner’s Circle, an invitation-only Mastermind Forum for top level business leaders, authors, speakers and thought-leaders. Roger has been recognized as a top leader, Mastermind facilitator and social entrepreneur through his charity and non-profit work.

Besides the Mastermind and Personal Development events, Roger also conducts Real Estate Investing seminars on a monthly basis all over the US & Canada. He & his partners specialize in Bank REO properties and purchases hundreds of foreclosed properties every month directly from the banks. His flagship service is creating turnkey portfolio of investment properties for other investors to produce long term residual income at 15 to 25% ROI.

Roger is originally from Bangladesh and now resides in Tampa, Florida. He’s a graduate of UCLA. He’s got 3 lovely daughters and is most passionate about sharing knowledge and empowering people to reach higher levels of personal & business success!

Ryan Long

Ryan Long

Founder, City Summit & City Gala

Ryan Long is an American entrepreneur and founder of City Gala and City Summit. Long is best known as a fundraiser for charitable organizations. Long's events include celebrities and honorees The Hollywood Reporter, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Variety, Inc., Entrepreneur, ET, Billboard, Medium, Thrive Global, and Press Pass LA.

In 2012, Long had an idea to bring President Bill Clinton to Hollywood during the week of the Academy Awards. Long also developed the idea of providing a platform for Oscar winner James Cameron to support an upstart charity named Community Inspiring Today’s Youth(CITY), on the evening of the Academy Awards. Through the Philanthropy United campaign, Long was instrumental in an event that helped raise funds and awareness for multiple foundations at Unite4:humanity 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

Click Here To Read About Ryan's Journey

Allison Larsen

Christina Daves

Founder of PR for Anyone®, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Best Selling Author

Christina Daves, DIY-PR Expert, is the best-selling author of, PR for Anyone™ - 100+ Affordable Ways to Easily Create Buzz for Your Business, that shares her journey of getting exposure for a product she invented, www.HealInStyle.com.

Having no resources for advertising or hiring a PR firm, Christina taught herself everything she could about generating her own publicity. She has appeared in over 1000 local and national media outlets including: The Steve Harvey Show, Dr. Oz, The TODAY Show, local affiliates of NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX, magazines such as, Forbes, Success and Entrepreneur, Sirius XM Radio, The Washington Post, and many more. She also has a regular segment on Good Morning Washington.

As a result of this success, she launched PR for Anyone® to help other small business owners have similar success. Together with her students and clients, Christina has generated well over 8 figures in sales relating to free publicity. She has also used publicity to grow her organic SEO. Her product appears on Page 1 of Google and searching the term “Christina Daves” leads to content solely about Christina and fills the first 14 pages of Google.

Social media has also become an integral part of marketing her businesses. In less than two years she has grown her following of qualified leads to almost 75,000 social media followers and has a verified account on Twitter.

Allison Larsen

TR Garland

Wall Street Journal® Award Winner and Relationship-Based Marketing Mentor

#1 Bestselling Author and Wall Street Journal Award winner TR Garland believes that most people are treating their connections like a "commodity" in today’s online business environment.

As a result, they’re failing to consistently turn those connections into "currency”.

Through his decades of experience, he’s observed that many people often place way too much emphasis on Technology-Based Marketing Methods. And not enough on Relationship-Based Marketing Methods

Because of this…

TR has created a 3-Step Success System simple enough for anyone to follow to help them finally leverage their professional network. When they finally learn how to tap into the net-worth of their net-work, they finally begin generating more frequent & consistent conversations with Prospects, Partners, and People willing to invite them onto their Platforms.

Inc. Magazine recognizes TR as “…today’s most real & relevant Relationship Marketing Expert”.

And I recognize him as a good friend and a great trainer.

Please join me in welcoming TR to the stage so we can learn about some of his proven & popular Relationship-Based Marketing Methods right now…

Allison Larsen

Abigail Grace Garland

Philanthro-Preneur and Founder of the Peace Through Participation Project

Ever since Abigail was 4 years old, her Father would tuck her into bed at night and teach her Affirmations.

They had so much fun together that they ended up creating a children's program called, "Alphabet Affirmations". And today they teach children all around the world how to use them to build confidence and believe in themselves.

Ever since Abigail was 7 years old, her family started a charity together called "Peace Through Participation" that supports the self-worth & self-esteem in children of all races, religions, & regions of the world.

Because, they believe that all children deserve to experience both Inner Peace and World Peace.

As a result, last year alone Abigail spoke from 7 stages that had live audiences ranging from 40 to over 400 people. During one of her speeches, in one night she helped to raise over $48,000 for children in San Diego.

Abigail has shared the stage with legendary motivation speaker, Les Brown.

And she has already been featured on an International Women's Telesummit; in the Boston Herald, San Diego Union-Tribune, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Chicago Daily Herald; as well as on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and even The CW.

Abigail is often heard saying, "even though I'm just a little girl, I'm making a big impact in the world".

And she uses that to be an inspiration to people of all ages to find their own mission, to take action on that mission, and turn that mission into a movement.

Allison Larsen

Isabel Donadio

Author, Speaker, Event Planner, and Promoter

Isabel Donadio is a red carpet host, event planner and promoter with clients that include Allison Larsen of the Keynote Speakers Coalition, Eric Zuley of EZ Way Broadcasting and David Fagan of Icon Builder Media.

She uses everything from Social Media to Infusionsoft to using the good old fashion phone. Yes, she actually calls people!

Isabel also has a background in professional makeup for cable shows and winning pageants like Miss Teen California Latina.

Talk to Isabel about your next event or event marketing campaign.


Peter Anthony Wynn

Entrepreneur, CEO, Speaker, Author

Brash, bold, outspoken, controversial, and right on the money! The prodigal son of NY, a clear enigma in Las Vegas, Peter Anthony has been an award-winning entrepreneur since he stepped into the world of beauty, fashion & marketing. Making big statements has never been hard for the Social Entrepreneur and Founder of YouWillChangetheWorld.com. His knack for spotting trends and isolating corporate disasters has created a deep demand for his talks along with his charismatic and straightforward personality he lights up auditoriums.

“My goal is always to serve the audience & their leadership by aligning people with shared values and vision. Great companies demand more of themselves, so should great speakers.”

Peter Anthony has been speaking to audiences, leaders and entrepreneurs by motivating, coaching & personally developing people as well as consulting with companies. After meeting Tony Robbins at 19 and traveling with the master around the world for years Peter Anthony’s speaking style is motivation meets fascination, watch as it all turns to high energy & passion. His keynotes focus on creating clarity for people and brands within their culture.

“Once we have attained what we are looking for we all have a responsibility to help those on the journey succeed as well.”

For those who dare to read between the lines and think out of the box Peter Anthony is the right choice, a contagious visionary.


Marcello Thedford

Director, Producer, Actor, Digital Asset Expert and Celebrity Content Creator

A Leader in the Digital forefront for over 12 years. Mosaic made its way as a leader in Urban Home Video content and then later capitalized on new media through successful international e-commerce ventures. Later aquiring Oakmont Publishing in 2014, Mosaic started building of catalog of widely distributed publications through North and South America. In late 2015 Elite Public Relations was started to assist clients on monetizing in new areas of building viral celebrity traffic on social media.

Allison Larsen

Shawn Wheeland

Co-Founder at JustGetOnline.com, Inc.

Shawn Wheeland is the co-owner and COO of several US based e-Businesses. With thirty-two years working within the Direct Sales Industry, Shawn speaks on leadership, team-building and business development.

Before founding JGO, Inc. in 2004, Shawn built Direct Sales teams with New Image International, Inc., Nu Creations, Inc., and Malibu Naturals, Inc. In 2000, he and his team released the very first online interview system, HomeBusinessTo.com Inc., (HB2). More recently they redesigned this system creating a unique process for selecting (interviewing) key people while utilizing an enterprise level CRM. Support. HomeBusinessTo.com is the secret weapon utilized by many professionals.

With the popularity of the original HB2 System, Shawn’s team transitioned into designing and building custom web-properties for company owners and industry leaders. Shawn is the author of several personal development e-zines and e-books. His future books titled “Seven Disciplines of Highly Fit People™” and “The Ambassador Effect™” will lift the reader, providing clear and specific leadership and business development direction.

His uncanny ability to pay attention allows Shawn to see beyond the obvious, making him the perfect person to oversee the development of modern e-companies. His true concern for the success of others echoes throughout the entire organizational designs. “Value-Focused verses Dollar-Focused” designs have become his fingerprint. His company designs are vibrant upbeat environments keeping the Affiliates/Team Members best interest intertwined in each business decision. His company designs produce tremendous numbers with the most efficient, most energized/incentivized teams.

Allison Larsen


CFO at HomebusinessTo.com, Inc.

My name is MaryK, The Amish Butterfly. I am the coowner and Director of multiple thriving online businesses. As a mother of five wonderful children I will never forget the moment when I woke up to how many people depended on the decisions I make, how many people were watching, then modeling my life decisions.

I remember when my first child was born, the overwhelming feeling of responsibility and the burning desire to provide a better life for this beautiful little person demanded radical change. All that I’d become is all that I could teach him. Looking in the mirror with tears in my eyes, I knew that I had to become more, so that I could model a life outside of the cocoon I had spun. My mentor had taught me, “in order to have more, you must become more.” “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.” I knew I had to begin with self-discovery, pushing forward to the life I wanted my children to experience.

My goal is to show you how you can leverage our systems and relationship building strategies to create the LIFESTYLE YOU HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF. Join our community of believers, change-makers, and leaders who are changing the way we do business globally.

The founding philosophies of my companies are rooted in a desire to better the lives of women by empowering them with opportunities that aid self-expression and by providing the flexibility, resources and training needed to build a career and better life.

The billions of products acquired online demand a streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly system where people can shop and receive rewards for referring others. Online incentive-driven shopping has become the new standard. Those companies who offer their customer referral rewards significantly out perform those who choose other marketing methods.

Daven Michaels

Daven Michaels

Business Success Builder, Pioneering ‘Growth Hacker’, Marketing Maestro, Global Lifestyle Entrepreneur

I’m Daven Michaels, founder of 123 Companies. I’ve been an entrepreneur since the age of 15, that’s over 30 years now. During this time I stumbled across a business formula that I used to turn multiple diverse business ventures into extremely successful businesses, including a few multiple-million dollar home runs.

I was very fortunate to have crossed paths with a very smart individual at a very young age. He took me under his wing, he mentored me and guided me. I find myself applying those same lessons and principles even today.

In 2006 I started 123Employee, a virtual employee center in the Philippines. I started with one employee and today we have hundreds of employees operating from several managed facilities. In 2011 I used the power of public speaking to cast a wider net and reach even more entrepreneurs all over the world.

In the same year we started offering higher level marketing, business consulting and coaching services. This grander desire to help people started in 2009 when a friend suggested that I teach others how to achieve success. This ignited a flame that has grown and grown over the years.

However, teaching alone was not enough. I believe that talk is cheap these days. There are many people who teach business and marketing, yet very few understand the trials and tribulations business owners are facing in today’s economy.

My commitment to you is simple, through the 123 companies and our events, we will help you save money, make more money, grow your business, get your time back and ultimately create the lifestyle you desire.

Daven Michaels

Stephen Wible

Public Speaker, Author, Trainer and Avid Learner

Stephen is a Marine Corps veteran with a deep background in real estate sales, flipping and property management, print manufacturing, building and obtaining business credit. He has founded and led multiple successful companies and had as many as 300+ rental properties in his portfolio.

Stephen is a public speaker, author of “Business Credit – The Complete Step–By-Step Guide”, trainer, and avid learner. He passionately combines his high energy and business credit knowledge and is a recognized expert in the field. He provides impactful insight into building business credit and obtaining loans for business - teaching and presenting to thousands.

He is the Director of Business Development for Credit Suite, Inc. – The recognized leader in teaching business owners how to “Build Business Credit” that is NOT tied to your social security number.

Daven Michaels

Didi Wong

International Award Winning Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, TV & Movie Producer, Interior Designer, Author
  • CEO of THE YES ACADEMY, LA's Premiere Entrepreneur School
  • Producer of "Awakening Giants" Conscious TV Show
  • 2018 WEF's "Women of the Decade" Award in Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital
  • Speaker at the United Nations for the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative
  • Guest Judge and Investor on #1 Digital Business Show - "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch"
  • Star of Feature Documentary movie "IMPACT" to be released end of 2019
  • Best-Selling Author of "Success Breakthroughs" with the legendary Jack Canfield
  • As seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox
  • Featured leading Entrepreneur 2018 in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today
  • On the Board of Advisors for Cedars Sinai OB, Labor, Delivery & PostPartum Depts, The Unstoppable Foundation and Head of the Los Angeles Chapter of the International All Ladies League Women Economic Forum
Daven Michaels

Gerald Rogers

Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Transformational Seminar Leader

GERALD ROGERS is a nationally known speaker, best selling author and transformational seminar leader who has been featured on the TODAY SHOW, CNN, Huffington Post, TEDx, and media networks around the world. Over the last 10 years he has spoken to and trained tens of thousands of individuals on the art of Conscious Lifestyle Design, and how to develop UNLIMITED CONFIDENCE so you can crush it in business, thrive in your relationships, and create the life you were meant to live.

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